Social media will continue to change, whether it is a launch of a new app to communicate with your friends or another innovative social site to post your pictures on.  This can affect a company’s existing social media marketing strategy, especially if they’re not prepared for the rapid changes in social media.

Not only are marketers having a hard time trying to keep up with all of the social sites, marketers are faced with the problem of finding new ways to capture the attention of consumers that have seen just about anything.  The types of content that brands use to engage consumers on social will continue to evolve, but no matter what direction it goes in one thing is clear: effective social media marketing is about building relationship capital with your audience (Weinberg, 2015).  This happens through showing consumers that you can really talk like them and have a conversation with them about the things they’re interested in.

Changes in technology will aide in the ever evolving social media world.  An example of this evolving technology is the ability to now post live video feed on your social site.  Whether it is Facebook or Periscope, this Live feed can bring your followers a more personal and interactive perspective of the event.  The next technology that comes around could enhance the experience even more for a company’s followers.

Humans are becoming more reliant on social media for personal connections. You can go weeks without seeing your friends, but if you’re following their daily Snapchat story, you have an idea on what is going on in their lives.  This happened to me recently when I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen or to spoken in a year.  His first comment was “how was Florida? The weather looked so nice!” My boyfriend looked at me like “wait.. how does he know?” Then my friend said “I feel like I know everything going on in your life because of Snapchat!”  I wasn’t sure if I was creeped out or glad that people were actually paying attention to my Snapchat stories.

Social networks are becoming the center of our daily lives for entertainment and communication purposes and companies are trying to keep up by being active on all of these sites.  It is up to the company to decide whether their target market is on multiple sites or just one site before signing up for every social media account available.  Some companies are trying very hard to keep up with the endless amount of social sites and their website will soon have an overload of buttons, like this:



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