Pepsi and Coca Cola are one of the oldest and most famous rivalries today. These two soft drink giants compete for the top spot when it comes to who has the best cola drink, the best advertisements and the most consumers. The latest competition between the two is who has the best social media presence. Pepsi and Coca Cola both embrace the social media environment and participate in multiple social media platforms. These social sites include Twitter and Facebook, and the companies make sure they excel in both.

Currently Pepsi has 29.3K Tweets and 2.97M Followers and Coca Cola has 205K Tweets and 3.2M Followers. When it comes to social media, every company wants to have the most followers or the most likes on their pages. With Twitter and Facebook become more and more popular, companies take advantage of this “free” advertising and continue to collect more followers.


Just because a company has millions of followers, doesn’t always mean that their social media strategies are in place. Some companies push to get the most followers, but don’t end up retaining them. You need to have conversations with the consumers and build a relationship in order to gain their trust (and their sales). More than 40 percent of all consumers want to make closer connections to the brands they use (Agresta and Bough, 2011).

Pepsi and Coca Cola are great examples of two companies that engage with their consumers on a daily basis. Through comments, tweets and re-tweets, the two brands communicate directly with the consumer creating a relationship that was rarely seen before social media. Through the use of social media, organizations can breed loyalty in their members by interacting regularly with them, befriending them, and empowering them to make a difference (Blanchard, 2011).

Pepsi and Coca Cola take advantage of their widespread popularity and are always sure to mention any current promotions or contests on their social media pages. They are also capable of using their sites to aid in the launch of a new brand or introduce a new flavor and can then receive feedback from the consumers. With the goal of having more followers leading to more consumers, Pepsi and Coca Cola continue fight for the top spot of not just the best cola drink, but the best social media giant.



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