In today’s marketing and advertising world, it isn’t enough to have just a website. Businesses need to be able to create, run and maintain a social media site or sites in order to be successful.  If your brand still does not have some sort of social media site, you better make sure one is in the making.  If you do decide to create a social media site, there are some challenges and risks that come up when taking your brand social.

Let’s look at the ways of how social media can add value to your brand.  For retailers, it is a must to be present on multiple social media platforms.  Retailers need to be able to embrace the power of social media by using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  One of the main reasons for having a social site is the direct communication with your target audience.  Part of what makes marketing with Facebook and Twitter so great is the interaction you get to have with your customer base – you can read their tweets and status updates to get insights into their daily lives (The Content Factory, 2015).  You can use this information to learn about your customers and shape your marketing campaigns.

Social media can only benefit you if you use it the right way.  Failing to update your site can portray your business as not current or up to date in other areas, like customer service.  If you can’t update a Facebook page, why should your customers believe that you’re on top of your game anywhere else (Jones, 2013).  It is a lot of work to manage and continually update your social site so if the upkeep isn’t happening, you’re better off not having one.

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