Retailers across the country are using social media tools to showcase their brand, vision, mission and personality and above all – reach a wider audience (Traf-Sys, n.d.).  They can learn more about what the customer wants, create a boost in popularity or even develop ideas to further improve their marketing efforts.  All sorts of tools are used to engage customers with a brand, but sometimes retailers are more interested in the bottom line.

So what are the best social platforms for retailers? Of course you want to incorporate the one where you can show the most pictures, simple enough.  Social sites like Instagram and Pinterest are used to create visually simulating and appealing images, where users can browse endlessly through clothing and products.  This makes any retailer easily accessible through multiple social media platforms.


Instagram is retailer’s ideal platform to showcase their product.  With the popularity of Instagram growing at a rapid rate, retailers are trying to find a way to turn followers into customers.  One useful tool that has emerged is called LIKEtoKNOWit.  This Instagram shopping tool helps top-tier style publishers share shoppable posts with followers (  With this new and innovative program, followers can receive information of the product they liked directly to their email.  With the information sent to the email, followers are directed to the website where they can purchase the item.


The most recent tool being introduced to Instagram hasn’t even been launched yet.  According to a recent article by Seth Fiegerman, it mentioned that social media sites are experimenting with specific shopping buttons.  These buttons include “Buy It” and “Shop Now”.  Recently Pinterest and Instagram both announced plans to introduce “Buy It” and “Shop Now” buttons, respectively, with the promise of convincing their millions and millions of users to shift from browsing to shopping on the social networks (Fiegerman, 2015).  This new function might be preferred over the LIKEtoKNOWit app since you will be able to shop directly on Instagram.  For Instagram and Pinterest users, the amount of sponsored ads has the possibility of rising.  Since users can immediately purchase an item from that posting, it’s definitely a desirable capability that businesses are looking for.

In the past, retailers have accepted that the average shopper isn’t flocking to social media to purchase.  With the use of these two tools, retailers can not only learn from their followers, but they can create a buying experience as well.  With the ever-changing world in social media it is important for each retailer to embrace the different technologies and social media platforms that continue to develop.

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